Human interest stories, abuse, homeschooling and public opinion

After commenting on the number of human interest stories about homeschooled youth doing what any other American kid does around graduation time contrasted with two horrific abuse cases which made news last month, I noted:

Most stereotypes are built on ignorance rather than overt hostility, and personal experience goes a long way toward shaping a person’s opinions of homeschooling. While having a friend who homeschools is likely the best way for non-homeschoolers to see homeschooling in a more positive light, these sorts of human interest stories probably rank a close second to meeting a friendly homeschool family at the doctor’s office. Over time, these snapshots of the lives of real homeschoolers may go a long way in building a more positive image of homeschooling with the public.

What do you think?  It is only a hypothesis of mine, but I suspect that these articles go further in balancing public opinion about homeschooling than many of the arguments we present after an abuse case makes news.

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Dana congrats on your blog talk radio show. I listened to part of it before having to run out the door. I’m sorry you had technical glitches on your first day. How horrifying. You have a lovely voice. You’re doing a good job. Feel free to slow down and take a breath. Relax into it. We need more homeschooling podcasts. That is something I wished I could have done in the past (and still now) but just don’t have the time. I am glad YOU are doing it. And somehow I missed the beginnings of why you moved over to… Read more »
Thanks! I know I speak too fast and have to think about slowing down. Believe me, I am the same in person. And no, there really isn’t a post about why I moved. I started there at the recommendation of someone and “way back then” was mostly just interested in chatting with the people I already “knew.” There were a lot of things going on at the time, but none of them were really directly related, but then HSB began with updates, I had trouble getting into my blog and everything together helped solidify a decision I had been pondering… Read more »