School room of my dreams

It has been awhile since I have shared much from our homeschool, so I thought I would participate in this week’s Heart Of The Matter meme and show you our school room.  Very elaborate and beautifully decorated, I am sure it will be the envy of homeschoolers the world over.

First, we have the independent learning center.  This is where children may come to select activities and interact with one another during self-directed, exploratory activities.  Note the purple curtain in the background.  This is actually a sunroom-turned-bedroom and thus has three walls of windows, covered here for intimacy, but opened in the daytime to allow minds to range freely even while bodies are trapped indoors.  Going with the Bringing-the Outdoors-in theme, my children are preparing for a camp out.  Or is it a camp in?

camp out

With only 900 square feet, finding a place to get away is sometimes a challenge.  Here, my daughter has solved the problem beautifully by retreating to the top of her bunk bed.  And pulling up the ladder, which you cannot see in this picture.  She has taken a quiet moment to read a book…at 11 PM!  I think she may be a bit like me.


Many homeschoolers do the bulk of their teaching at the kitchen table.  We did away with that nuisance long ago and no longer own a kitchen table.  Instead, we use TV trays for just about everything that might pass as school.  Here, the children are playing a nice game of chess.  I love this picture because….well…it just looks so homeschoolerish.  Nevermind that neither of them knew how to play when this picture was taken.  It is all about the image discovery.


With limited space comes creativity, and every room and every piece of furniture does double duty.  Here is an impromptu tea party on my old bed.  And what tea party is complete without a baby dressed as a…actually, I’m not sure what they were thinking.  Their living doll is pretty patient, however.

tea party

Last, but not least, is the center of our homeschooling: the sofa.  And here you can see a little of my philosophy of how to keep toddlers under control while teaching: just give them the same tools and let them play along.  Note the ubiquitous TV tray.  Can’t do school without it.


As you can see, our school room covers pretty much the entire house.  Nine hundred square feet may be small for a house, but it isn’t bad for a school room.  All that aren’t pictured here are the laundry room because they aren’t allowed in there.  Just LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF and I think you will understand why.  And the kitchen.  For some reason, young children near open flame requires a level of attention I do not have behind a camera, but if you follow that link, you will see my three year old in her chosen profession which definitely involves the kitchen.

And it is the school room of my dreams because here is where my children are now, building something for their futures that we cannot yet even guess at.

Homeschool Memoirs is also collecting posts about school rooms if you would like to look at even more.

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mom to five kids

You made me smile! Your kids are cute! We have a small living space,too.


I love your last line. Beautiful.


Great pictures. You are an inspiration – your getting everything taken care of in a small amount of space and everyone is happy. Lovely.


Thank you! Mine looks like that, too.


Lovely post!!

beth @ brew*crew
I love it, looks like home! 😀 900 sq.ft. huh? You inspire me, you really do. Hey, it’s less to clean up, right?! LOL Seriously, we’ve been considering down-sizing so as to have a lower mortgage and therefore less pressure on hub/budget, not to mention just peace of mind knowing who knows what may be in store economically in the not too far future. We figured we’d probably rather have less house and more privacy (aka. land/elbow room)… don’t know if I could do without my little DR table though, it’s the hub of our homeschool, right after the couch,… Read more »

“a baby dressed as a…actually, I’m not sure what they were thinking”

OBVIOUSLY she’s a gypsy…or a pirate…or a gypsy pirate…


Too cute!!! That’s the way it’s done, isn’t it?!


I soooo love this post!


Now that you mention it, Rebecca, I think she was a pirate. What tea party is complete without a pirate?

Thanks, everyone!

And Beth, we are hoping for something a little bigger in the future, hopefully with some land. But our mortgage now is less than rent, so we’re hoping to save enough that the payment won’t cause stress.


Thanks for sharing your school room! We tend to use the whole house too. There are Legos covering the floor of my computer room as I type.



Did you really get rid of the kitchen table or stop using it for homeschooling?

My kitchen table is my art studio, my sewing table, where we eat three meals as a family, where some holidays and birthdays are celebrated with cake and/or meals, and where many a homeschool support group meeting was held. I could not live without my kitchen table!

We don’t have a “home school room”, we do things all over the house.


No, we really had to get rid of our kitchen table. I loved it because it was big, but in this house it just didn’t work.


Oooh, thanks for the inspiration. We live in less then 900 sq ft too. How many bedrooms do you have? We have 2 girls, but I can’t imagine what to do if we have more kids and are still here. How do you do it? Love the tea party pic!


I love the TV tray idea! We have a school room but we tend to do school all over!


The camp in looks like so much fun! I always enjoy seeing pictures of your kids.

And I think the TV trays are a great idea. We have a small coffee table that is often strewn with books, but my husband doesn’t like it in the middle of the room. It impairs dancing with his little girls. 😉


I love your homeschool day… it looks so fun and full of life! Your kids are beautiful. I really miss those younger days of homeschool life. 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog… stop by again any time!

Shannon C

We have those same tv trays and dd insists on using them for her “desk”. How funny! We also had to get rid of our beautiful big table that was great for spreading out everything. I do desire to someday have a school area, but for now, we do it all over the place.

Shannon C

Expat Mom

This is great! We live in just under 200 square feet (two bedrooms and a main room, no bathroom yet) and I can see using the whole house as a learning center, as well, once we start.

PS. King of the Wind was my FAVORITE book when I was young!

yielded heart

Dana, this is just too cute, too precious, inspiring and beautiful.

Soon we will be downsizing, too. I am totally convinced that even with 4 kids, we don’t need this much space. (and yes, I need less areas to clean!)

Your post just reaffirms our choice. Love the last sentence.