Why eggs are better from your own flock

Some people say eggs from pastured chickens taste better. They certainly are more appetizing to look at, with their deep yellow yolks. Surely you can tell which is which?


Some say they are even healthier. They are certainly fresher. Seriously, when was the last time you ate an egg that was still warm from laying? The chalazae (that stringy ropey thing that anchors the yolk) are also clearly visible. And, as you can see above, keep the egg white compact in cooking.

The best part, however, is simply that they are a lot more fun.


I have never run to WalMart, just to have a quick peek at the egg aisle, though you’ll frequently find me standing over our little chicken tractor just watching the chickens do their thing.

I have never looked in an egg cooler with the same hopeful curiosity with which I peer into our chickens’ nest box.

Upon discovering eggs in the egg cooler, I have never felt anything like the thrill I feel at finding a small, brown egg amongst the grasses in the nest box.

And never, have I ever, called my parents to let them know that WalMart had eggs. They did, however, know our hens had begun laying within hours of the event.

And my children? They are ecstatic, running out to check on the nest box every chance they get. My son even staked out the chicken tractor for two hours one day to try to establish which chicken had begun laying. (Three of ours lay brown eggs, one lays white ones). He had no luck, but the discovery of two eggs later in the day confirmed that someone else had begun laying as well!

Oh, and unless you have chickens, too, I bet you’ve never opened the refrigerator just to peek at your eggs. They are beautiful things. Edible art.

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Dana, add an Araucana to your flock for pastel blue or green eggs 🙂

We have pastel green, brown and beige eggs from our flock.

Smrt Mama

What varieties do you have? We’re hoping to snag some Delawares and Welsummers later this year. *fingers crossed*


It’s about that time of year, too, to order new chicks! We’re going to add another Buff Orpington and Barred Rock, and add some Road Island Reds this year. We also have Black Australorps and Wyandottes. They are the best investment I’ve ever made.

Alicia The Snowflake

Great post! We do not have chickens. My mother did until recently, but she doesn’t live close to me. I get my eggs from a friend who has chickens. I’ve even gotten a few fryers from her. I don’t ever want to start buying them at the grocery store again. They’re so much better fresh!