Our gardening adventure: A mix of planning and discovery

Taking the lead from Freedom Lover’s Academy and Living Our Way, I thought I’d share some pictures of our garden in progress.

First, our hired help. My husband’s baby. The Ford 9N tractor:


He actually left me with specific instructions for staging the photo.

“Make sure you get the barn in the background. But not the water heater.”

I think the model makes the picture, but that’s a mom speaking. For my husband, it is all about the toys. Er, tools.


Hey, you can even see the aforementioned water heater along with the plow and the blade. We don’t have much use for a snow blade in April, but they are cheaper out of season. And my husband has regraded our driveway twice, now. You can also see the hosta. What a surprise to walk out to the barn one morning and find a neat row of beautiful hosta.


One of our neighbors told us this place used to be “done up real nice.” Evidence of that is all around, peeking through an unkempt field…


…and fighting for space within the confines of an old flower bed.


We have found the outlines of several such beds in the field and my daughter has taken it upon herself to revive them. She’s collecting papers to lay down around the flowers to kill the grass and beginning to plan what she wants to add to each.

Shielding us from the farmland to the south is an entire hedge of lilacs.


Lilacs which are filling the spring air with their perfume.

Then, there’s the garden we’re working on. I wanted to take some video of my husband plowing with his new toys, but unfortunately the camera batteries were dead. The sight of him on his new tractor, the anticipation of breaking the first ground, and the hilarity of watching tractor tires spin at the attempt shall forever be etched in my memory but I lack any photographic evidence.

A few tries, however, and he started to learn his machine. The finished product, nicknamed “the Grand Canyon” by the children who love to jump from clod to clod:


Obviously, we aren’t quite ready for planting, which means we have probably missed potatoes for this year and my peas will have to wait for fall. I do, however, have a window full of tomatoes and peppers and a few onions that have survived, waiting on a freshly tilled garden and our last frost date.

It actually measures over 3,000 square feet which is why I’m not out there with a hoe. We found a disc harrow for the right price, but lacking a pickup is proving a bit of an inconvenience in purchasing tractor implements. If we can get delivery worked out, I’ll share some video.

How is your gardening going? I’d love to see pictures, so please feel free to share links to entries describing your spring gardening!

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What a gorgeous tractor! It looks like you have a lot of land to work with. I love your spring pictures. I can definately tell that you bought a nice place.


I have definitely enjoyed watching what springs up. My husband says he almost doesn’t want to mow, just to see what all is there!

We have something else starting to come up that I’m trying to identify. Not sure if it is a wee or maybe a lily of some sort. I guess time will tell!

Robin Sampson

I got3 raised beds and some containers ready yesterday but haven’t planted either so no potatoes but I’ll plant onions this week. Keep posting photos. Love to watch the process.


This would have been our first year trying potatoes so I’m not too terribly disappointed. Hoping to get a batch or two of lettuce before it gets hot, though!
.-= Dana´s last blog ..Our gardening adventure: A mix of planning and discovery =-.

Alison Kerr

Your garden is just a tad bigger than mine!

I haven’t put the potatoes in yet either. I’m planning to do that this weekend and hoping it’s not too late to get any yield.

My herbs are planted up and the greens are growing fabulously – they already yielded several salads. Soon I think I’ll have enough to start sharing with friends and neighbors, then hopefully some to give away as you challenged me to.

Happy planting 🙂


I don’t know when it is too late. They pulled them out of the market here already so there aren’t any available. I wanted to try planting them in the late summer for a fall/over-winter crop, but they aren’t available that time of year around here. I was going to use the ones harvested from the spring planting, but would have needed to start them on the early side rather than the late side for that!


Thanks so much for sharing about your garden! Not only did it inspire me to get outside today, but, having come from Kansas, and now winding up near L.A., boy was it nice to just see all the wonderful SPACE in your photos! Thanks for letting me soak it in just a bit – via cyberspace!
.-= Tatiana´s last blog ..1812 Overture =-.


I’m certainly enjoying the space. Especially with the children. They spend a lot of time in that windbreak you can see in the plowed up garden picture and it is so nice for my personal peace of mind!

Cathi-Lyn Dyck
Our trees are just barely leafing out here. It’s been hotter than average for end of April — feels like end of May — but zero rain, and the snow just vanished to we don’t know where a couple of weeks ago. The drought effect is holding the leaves back. But that’s okay…I got some wild cherries moved out of the nursery space in my orchard garden this evening. Which is good, because I need to deal with a severe grass problem there. Tomorrow, planting early vegetables, if I get time. It’s a day of visiting and birthdays booked full,… Read more »

Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing all that. I’ll work on my garden post tomorrow and add it. 🙂


Oh yeah! I was hoping you might have a post to share. 🙂


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