Happy Mother’s Day! (And a cool lapbook)

Happy Mother’s Day!

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And today is probably not the day to start a lapbook on the subject. Most homeschoolers, I believe, start these kinds of things the week before, at least. Most homeschoolers, I believe, are a little more proactive. And they don’t do lessons on Sunday.

Anyway, I just came across this nice looking (free) Mother’s Day lapbook while surfing around and thought maybe someone could use it. Those of you who start this stuff the day before major holidays at the latest can save it for next year.

And an interesting tidbit: After all the work Miss Jarvis put into attaining a day to celebrate Mothers, it only took a few years for her to regret it. It quickly became one of the most commercialized holidays in America, resulting in Miss Jarvis calling it “a Hallmark holiday.” Greeting cards, she thought, were a lazy out for the more personal and more involved art of letter writing.

I wonder what she’d think of e-cards?

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Well, here is your e-greeting. And, sadly, a confession. My mom got her Mother’s Day greeting on facebook today. I have been out for the count with low back pain and then my knee went out. Living on anti-inflammatories and steroids doesn’t mix well with getting a card, going to the post office and mailing a card.

My littles made me a flower in Sunday school today — a marigold in a big, red plastic drink cup.

I am on my way to visit my oldest now.


Hey, I’m good with just about anything. My children made cards and we bought some seeds they are excited to plant though the weather isn’t cooperating for today. Maybe Tuesday.

Mostly, I’d be happy if they’d watch a movie and let me take a nap. I’m exhausted!


Interesting! Thanks for the link.

The kids made their usual sweet cards and mini-stuffed animals and apparently the Mother’s Day Fairy showed up as well. Very sweet of her, I say. ; ) I think she’s gonna stick around. lol

I hope you get your nap! : )