My next post should have baby pictures

Just thought you’d like to know.

Maybe even a birth story. ‘Cause you know how important those things are. Feel free to share yours. It will give me something to read when I get back.

At 2AM while nursing.

Or maybe at 4AM.

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Yay! Good luck and happy birthing!


Look forward to hearing your news, and seeing the pictures!!! And any meandering musings you feel inclined to tap out during the odd hours of the night.

Love and best wishes 🙂


Oooooooo! Much better post! I’m still at the edge of my seat but this kind is ok. :-> As for birth stories… my younger 2 were born at home after laboring for 2 days. Both about 10 lbs. Yeah, I’m nuts, but if I wasn’t home no one would have let me deliver naturally given that I take DAYS to dilate. That’s it. Knit 3 hats waiting for the last one. :-> Congratulations! I’m going to sleep for you tonight!!! 😉


Praying it all goes/went smoothly!! Can’t wait to read the birth story….I have to many to share with having had 11 kids. Although I might move the ones from my open diary blog to my wordpress blog for people to read.


Praying for a safe delivery!


Congratulations! Oh, how exciting. Prayers are sent. 😀