And we have bees!

The closer we got to pick up day, the more I thought about bees as stinging insects rather than honey producers. The children were anxious, picturing life imprisoned in the house for fear of getting stung. We all were anxious about the drive home with 20,000 bees in the car.

Bug with a 3 poud package of bees
Bug with a 3 poud package of bees

And I drive an SUV. There isn’t even a trunk to separate driver and children from the buzzing in the back.

But somewhere inside that small office, fear turned to curiosity. The cookies and the soda didn’t hurt any, either.

The queen in her cage with attendants
The queen in her cage with attendants

By the time we got home, the bee suit was a formality worn not so much for protection as for entertainment. At what other time in your life do you get to dress up in a beekeeper’s suit?

LE pretending to be a honeybee

And I found out my children are fearless.

LE holding a honeybee
LE holding a honeybee

The first sting was inevitable, but it was the third bee my little Bug picked up by the wing that stung her.

After that sting, Bug came in crying and through her tears pleaded, “Why do they have to die, Mommy? Why do they have to die when they sting?”

Through her pain, she was worried about the one who caused her pain.

Love your enemies, I thought. And she knows too well what death is.

After that sting, I saw just how forgiving my children can be.

If you are interested in following our journey a little more closely, I have been updating my Facebook fan page regularly with photos and tidbits about our bees. I have a video of my daughter installing the bees in the hive and one about their orientation flights I still need to upload. I may share them here, but they will certainly be on my fan page and on my YouTube channel.

I have to open the hives today. Hopefully there won’t be too much runnnig and screaming on that video!

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Glad to see its going well. Do you have a book that you’re using to help learn? We have “Natural Beekeeping” by Ross Conrad. Its got lots of info about how to solve problems naturally and promote the health of the hive over the production of honey. However, we’re noticing it doesn’t help the novice much. We’d like to get another book… one with more pictures! 🙂 We’re keeping the hives kinda quiet right now. Our dearest neighbor gave us a very distressed look when we mentioned we were thinking about them last year. No one’s allergic, just people have… Read more »
Cheryl @Treasures from a Shoebox

Wow; your children are very brave! I don’t think I could sit there and calmly carry on a conversation with hundreds of bees swarming my head! We had a hive once, but they all disappeared. Hoping to try again someday. I’m sure we will all be inspired by you and the children! 🙂


Your children are beautiful! I love their faith and confidence… 🙂
Isn’t it great when we get to see more of the hidden treasures in our children?

PS I homeschool my children, too. I LOVE it! 😀
Corine 😀


Have they come up with 20,000 names for their new pets yet? 🙂


Just two. Everyone in the yellow hive is Daffodil and everyone in the white hive is Daisy.

Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight

I love that picture of forgiveness like a child…loving our enemies…
Oh, to have that childlike faith!

Blessings on your beekeeping!

Kara at The Chuppies

It is so much fun to catch glimpses of your
in this one 🙂


What an awesome experience for all of you!


wonderful experience .i have a bee farm very close to my hometown and i go there to bye the best honey ever!