Spring at Roscommon Acres

It’s spring at Roscommon Acres which means there is work to be done in the garden.

And lots of digging.

The strawberries have already begun to push up through the straw.

And so has the fall planting of garlic.

The chickens are out.

The guinea fowl are out.

And Timmy sits on top of the hill taking it all in.

Our first flowers have made their appearance.

Much to the delight of a little boy.

And at the corner of the garden lies a little cup left lying where Tiggy last used it.

Because there just doesn’t seem to be anywhere else for it to belong.



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You should plant that cup in the middle of your flowers 🙂


We’ve thought of a few things to do with that cup, but for the moment, it just seem to belong at the corner of the strawberries where he left it. 🙁


Saying a prayer for you as you grieve mama.


How precious. And bittersweet. Love, prayers, and virtual hugs.


What a bittersweet post. I think that’s a fine spot for the cup for now. I hope the spring creates good memories for you and your family.

Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight

Tears and prayers for you.
Not much else to say. My heart aches for you.


I don’t think I could move the cup either.
Loved seeing your littlest one out side in the dirt with his socks on. I remember my children doing the same since you just pick them up and take them out with you or they just followed someone else out the door or I just did not feel like bending down and putting shoes on 🙂


Thank you, everyone.

And those socks . . . yeah. We can only find one of his shoes. My husband just bought him a new pair, but they’re too big. The next size smaller was too small. But he doesn’t mind and I figure that there really isn’t anything in that soft dirt to hurt his little piggies right now. 🙂


plant a strawberry plant in it, and leave it be – that way nothing will happen to it.

Gail @Dappled_Things

So glad you did take the time to go back and get your camera, *and* the SD card, *and* to actually take pictures. The last one got me. I honestly wouldn’t have the heart to move it or do anything different with his bottle, either. {{love}}


I love seeing your little son out in the dirt.

And I am teary eyed about the cup.

Do your guinea hens lay eggs? We have one token guinea but she doesn’t lay eggs.


We have been having spring-like weather too. I am not buying it. I am waiting on the next snow storm. But, on March 17th, in West Central Minnesota… my kids were whining about having to play outside because it was too hot.


Laraba, our guinea fowl are not quite one so haven’t laid anything yet. I’m really hoping they will!

Julie, spring has been threatening for over a month. Warm enough for long enough I was really afraid everything would sprout and a freeze would kill it all. Still could happen, but it is so nice outsie.