The blessing treee

The week of Tiggy’s birthday, we decided to take a vacation. Time to get away, time to not think of the little boy who wouldn’t be celebrating his birthday with us anymore, time to meet some of the many wonderful people who have supported us for so long though we knew each other only through the pixels of a computer screen.

And we went hoping to share stories of children in Nepal who had escaped horrific tortures we are uncomfortable even speaking about, much less in front of children, and the hope that was offered them through the gospel. We shared the mission of Tiny Hands International and how they could help provide a loving home and a future full of dreams for these children by helping raise money for Tiggy’s House.

But we didn’t expect to be so blessed ourselves. So many people opened their homes and their hearts to us and presented us with a beautiful gift that is but a small symbol of the many fingerprints that have touched our lives over the last 14 and a half months.

Our own blassing tree.

Thank you, everyone. You cannot know how much your comments, emails and facebook chatter have meant to me through this time. You have all left fingerprints on my life which I know are the fingerprints of God.

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Oh, the fingerprints of G-d; no doubt. I am so glad to hear you had such a wonderful time. Happy Birthday, Tiggy.


beautiful gift.