The First Husband, a review

The First Husband, by Laura Dave, isn’t quite what I expected. I don’t know what I expected, exactly, but Annie Adams has everything. A long term relationship with a guy she thinks she loves, the career of her dreams that takes her traveling all over the world and freedom, though she isn’t entirely sure what that means.

But that all comes crashing down when the guy breaks up with her. Armed with the advice to be the opposite of herself, Annie ends up married to someone else three months later. What seems an illogical rebound relationship mired in a series of complications forces her to rethink who she is, what she wants and what freedom really means.

And seriously, what is there not to love about moving into a house occupied by your brother-in-law and his twins who needed someplace to go after getting kicked out by his wife? And sleeping in a bedroom decorated by your new husband’s ex-girlfriend? And having a mother-in-law who sees you as evidence her son’s life is fallling apart?

She has built her life around escaping. It is even the theme of the travel column she writes. But after her breakup and subsequent marriage when her life really starts falling apart, it takes awhile to figure out which direction Annie is going to go. Is her first husband another escape she has to somehow deal with when she is ready to go “home?” Or is her first husband the anchor she desperately needs?

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It didn’t really leave me with any lasting thoughts to ponder, but I did want to find out what happened as Annie gradually discovered who she was.

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