Our Backyard Aquaponics System, Up and Running

After a bit of frustration looking for a hose (and finding it in the obvious place — which would be where we bought the pump we needed to connect the hose to), we finally got everything we needed to finish off our first aquaponics tank made from an IBC. A little fiddling here and there and it was ready to plug in.

My husband’s accent is cooler than mine, so he did the honors of narrating.

We have since thrown in a couple goldfish which seem to be doing well. It of course got very cold as soon as we had something living in the tank. The current is strong enough to keep it from freezing, but I’m not sure the little feeder goldfish like these nighlty lows in the 20’s.

We also had some problem with water spraying out of the tank. I found a spot in the irrigation system in the grow bed where the water was hitting the side and just enough sprayed up to dampen the outside of the grow bed. I buried that section in gravel and it was dry in the morning. The water draining back in the tank also splashes just enough to get some out of the tank. I have that fixed with a small skirt to guide the water back in the tank for the moment, but we need to work on that a little, too.

We ordered the pumps for the rest of the tanks and are looking into getting the lighting hooked up soon. If all goes as planned, I may plant our first lettuces by the end of next week when it is supposed to start feeling like spring!

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This is truly awesome! Thanks for sharing.

One of our goldfish wasn’t looking so good last night. He was floating upside down and I thought it was dead until I went to fish it out. It struggled a bit so I had my daughter get a vase from the house and we scooped him and some water up and brought him into the house. I threw in a pinch of sea salt and let him enjoy the warmth of the house. Now he’s a happy little fish with no evidence of an health problems. I think the little feeder goldfish just didn’t have enough reserves to handle… Read more »

Great video – thanks! I love using goldfish because I’m not sure I could actually eat a fish that I had raised in the tank – lol. They usually can tolerate cooler temps, but one thing that happens if they gulp their food, they can get air in the stomach that might make them float upside down (at least that happens with the fancy ones, not sure about the feeders) anyway, maybe thats what happened to yours?