Unstuck, or Just how important is the Bible?

We’re reading Unstuck: Your Life. God’s Design. Real Change. by Arnie Cole and Michael Ross and are finally on to chapter three. Yay! Sorry about the unintentional break there, but I really enjoyed this chapter.

We all know the Bible is the best seller that no one reads. And we know that even among Christians, Bible literacy seems to be declining.

“Among believes we surveyed, only about 25 percent of tweens and about 40 percent of teens, young adults and people twenty-five and older currently, consistently turn to God’s Word for spiritual growth and daily direction.” ~Unstuck, p. 57

A survey of over 70,000 Americans shows a difference between the spiritual maturity and behavior of those who engaged the Bible at least four times per week and the rest of those surveyed. That isn’t really surprising. After all, it is God’s Word. But this bit surprised me.

“There are no statistical differences in the behaviors of those who read/listen to the Bible one to three times weekly and those who spend zero days doing so.” ~ Unstuck, p. 56

I think I expected some sort of gradual increase in godliness, but no. You are either all in, or it doesn’t really matter.

And I suppose that shouldn’t really surprise me. But it still does.

And strangely enough, my personal struggle in this isn’t really about the actual time spent in the Bible, but the purpose.

I homeschool five children. I am trying to set them up with good habits. We have a daily time of Bible reading right after breakfast that we all participate in and all the children have their own way of “studying” during that time. But most days, I know I sit down and read more as an example to them than as a way to grow myself.

So while I have some good habits, my heart doesn’t always follow my actions.

How do you structure your day to include daily time in your Bible? What struggles do you have?


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I read a few verses of the Bible with my kids in the morning, but, honestly, I haven’t been spending as much time reading on my own as I used to. I am trying to apply it more though, if that makes sense.

I’ve read and studied my whole life. Am I obeying what I know?

Christa Barnhizer
I start my day with a cup of tea and the Bible. The children see it sometimes, other times they don’t. I actually try to keep them out of my teatime, because it makes the day go better if I get a few minutes with my husband (he has tea, too, or coffee), then he leaves for work and I take some time for myself with the Bible. I’m trying to read it through in a year according to the schedule in the back of the book itself. I’m ahead on the New Testament readings, and far behind on the… Read more »