Walking through our Calendar Center: The Weather Station

I love setting up a weather center because it encourages young children to observe and measure changes in their environment. From simply learning weather related vocabulary to learning to use a thermometer, anemometer and barometer and finally recording, displaying and interpreting data, it is real science that they can do every day.

The other day, I shared a little about setting up our calendar center for Micah’s big start to kindergarten and this weather station is part of that.

And for anyone who hasn’t done this before, or would just like to see how different people do their calendar center, I thought I’d walk through how I set this up. It isn’t finished, yet, but you can definitely get the idea.

I’ll start with the weather station. Basically, because I loved the weather station at Mr. Printables and there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel!


The only problem I had with the one on Mr. Printable’s site is that there is no way a weather station printed on cardstock would last around here. So I added it to the “to be laminated” pile and had it professionally covered in glossy plastic. That made it a little trickier to put together, but it wasn’t anything a fastener and a little tape couldn’t fix!

I also don’t have a color printer and didn’t see any reason to use that much toner on the weather cards, so I redid them in black and white with some symbols on a few of them. I also used a tracing font so his sister (and later he) could trace the words. Then I just added a bit of Velcro to the back of the cards and to each of the squares on the weather station and voilĂ ! Our very own place to track the weather. The little bit of color that is on the chart is crayon.

Because I want them to practice reading a thermometer, I also made a little weather card. As you can see, right now we just tuck them in a pocket on the big calendar. I’m going to add a couple of hooks to the bottom of the weather station, however, so all things weather related will be together.

There’s a space for them to draw the weather at the top and then record the temperature at the bottom. I debated whether to add the F on the card, but decided not to. That way we can use these same cards when we learn about Celsius and they can learn the importance of adding the F or the C after the temperatures they record.

The one thing I still need to add to this is the weather graph. There will be a graph underneath where they will record whether it is sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, raining or snowing each day. They will just have cards to add to a Velcro strip in order to make a pictograph. At the end of each month, we’ll talk about the graph and turn the information into different types of graphs.

Next up, printables and instructions for the date section of the calendar!

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