Is Steve Bannon a racist? Is that even what we should be asking?

Several of my friends on facebook have been asking whether Steve Bannon, Trump’s pick for Chief Strategist, is really a racist. But I think it’s the wrong question. Sure, if there were something out there of him praising the KKK or some such nonsense, that would be a primary concern.


But most of the conversation seems to be focusing on what racists think of him and there are more important concerns.

Namely, what is it that HE wants for the country, the White House and the Republican Party?

His name up for consideration for any White House position raises serious concerns for me. Granted, my position is likely a lonely one, because they are the exact same concerns I had when Trump gained the nomination. This is not a principled movement. It is wholly reactionary in nature.

Nominating the head of Breitbart News is akin to nominating the Head of Daily Kos . . . except that I find the Daily Kos to be less emotionally charged. Maybe more like Crooks and Liars? In other words, it is a site so dedicated to tearing down, it has negated any chance at useful dialogue. Which is precisely the wrong direction for the President of the United States to take.

He could be the most racially inclusive man on the planet and hated by white nationalists everywhere. I’d still be uncomfortable with his nomination. Because I don’t want the White House to become an ideological “Fight Club,” or to be taken over by an “. . . insurgent, center-right populist movement that is virulently anti-establishment. . .”

I want principles and reason. Leadership tempered by compassion. Bridges that are built rather than destroyed.

All things I’m not likely to see in an administration advised by the head of Breitbart News. But I think the conversation is important. Most people I know voted for Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton. This election highlighted what we will stand against.

Now, what do we stand for?

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So true… we must look at all the facts before we come to a conclusion about someone.

Alfred, Wilson, Scott
Alfred, Wilson, Scott

Glad to see you posting again!!!