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So many new people have joined me on this little homeschooling adventure since I restarted my blog back in November. I really appreciate all of the comments, emails, likes and shares. I know I was pretty quiet for a LONG time as I battled doldrums of my own (more about that later . . . ) but it really has been a great encouragement to me to connect and reconnect with so many of you. As a thank you and as a welcome to all of my new readers, I thought I would assemble all of the free homeschool lessons I have offered on this blog into one post.

free homeschool unit studies


If you are planning on starting a garden . . . or even a small container garden . . . or even an indoor garden for the above lesson, you might find Developing Christian Character Through Gardening useful. It walks you through the parable of the sower with science, language and math lessons. And of course you will be sowing the seeds of faith and Christian character throughout. It has one of my favorite writing assignments in it, too. (I’ll share my other favorite assignment after Easter!) Again, just click on the image to start the download.

Developing Christian Character Through(1)-min

While you are planning out your garden, why not add on a unit study on honeybees and other native pollinators? This isn’t as structured because the idea is more to set the stage for multiple conversations over time. It is my favorite way to teach. It’s like manufacturing those ever valuable teachable moments. This isn’t a download, but the post will give you all the information you need to get started.

free homeschool lessons about honeybees

If you are stuck on teaching poetry, I also have a set of twelve free poetry lessons for young children. It teaches literary devices and how to have fun with language while appreciating great poetry. Then your child applies what he or she has learned to his or her own poetry. I changed the title to make it a little more playful, so if you already downloaded my poetry unit, you already have it. This one does require you to sign up for my newsletter (weekly or only for special offers), but then you won’t miss anything!

free homeschool poetry

When Easter rolls around, there is Walking With Jesus His Final Days, a week long study for Holy Week to share with your kids. It has some verses to share each day and suggestions for items to add to a small indoor garden to help bring the scriptures to life. I’ll be sharing our little virtual Holy Land tour on our facebook page (but don’t be surprised if we fall behind. It’s kind of how we roll around here!) and we’d love you to join us! Just click on the image to start the download.

Free unit for holy week

Then there’s my whole free elementary art curriculum! Well, sort of. It’s how we do art. And you do have to buy things, just not from me. After all, who can do art without buying a little paint? It comes with a free artist biography printable to use in your studies, as well.

Create your own elementary art curriculum

And last but not least, if you are teaching kindergarten, I have a free guide to  calendar time. This one will take you to another site, but the download is free as well. (It may ask you to set the price, but free is a perfectly valid option!)

A guide to Calendar Time

Thank you so much for your support. Y’all keep me sane (and just a little twinge Texan).  I hope there is something here you find useful. If there isn’t, drop me a note and maybe I’ll add it to my list of ideas as I continue working on improving this site!

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