Wildes Deutschland (Wild Germany)


Wildes Deutschland is a collection of 25 short texts about wildlife in Germany written for the beginning German student.



Walk on¬†Germany’s wild side with this collection of short texts for the beginning German student. This book contains 25 mini-books designed to be printed out, cut and folded to create your own mini-library about the wildlife of Germany. Students will meet the much beloved hedgehog and Eurasian blue tit, think about the tension created by the return of predators like the wolf and find out what happened when a brown bear ambled across the border into Bavaria. ¬†Learn about range, diet, habitat and protection efforts, all told with simple grammar and vocabulary that is repeated over and over to assist language learners in comprehension and retention.

The texts are organized by difficulty to aid in selection. It begins with simple sentences in the present tense, progresses to independent and dependent clauses and then introduces the past tense. At the end are a few stories containing passive or subjunctive constructions. These, too, however, are still fairly simple and the vocabulary will be very familiar by the time a student reaches these final books.

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