Where is God when it hurts?

Where is God when it hurts? At His easel. This is my husband, sharing some of our journey and our heart for Tiggy’s House at church last week. You can go to the next segment by clicking the link in the top left corner. The text version of At the Easel of the Master Painter may be found here.

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0 thoughts on “Where is God when it hurts?

  1. Wow. Just, wow. Thank you so very much.

    Such an eloquent description of his journey. As a family that has struggled with the sudden and ruthless death of a loved one, I felt comfort as your husband’s words seemed to clarify what seemed meaningless.


  2. What a blessing it was for me to hear your husband speak this morning. He is amazing. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly your lives with all of us.

  3. I don’t know how many times I have sat near my computer in tears over your story. It is hard, and raw and real and sad.
    You are both strong. You will make it. God will strenghthen you when you feel you can’t.
    take care and God bless you.

  4. John’s words are full of hope in the depths of sorrow. I understand his loneliness, and I am unable to define where my pain for him ends and where the pain of my own loss starts. Since Weeble’s accident and death, I have become hyper-sensitive to others’ grief, and strangely, I often get confused about whose tears are streaming from my own eyes.

    Life as a bruised reed is not what I signed up for. I just thank God for His gift of eternal life.

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