The mark Tiggy left

Since the first of December, I’ve been hovering over my email, checking it way too often. I was expecting our monthly report and I knew we were getting close to $38,000. Close to seeing the end of this fundraising journey. Close to seeing enough money to build a home for children on the other side of the world who scarcely know what home even is.

I knew there was one large donation in there. $1000 from a family we don’t even know. A connection was made through my blog and it still brings tears to my eyes to think of the kindness of strangers and how the blood of Christ turns strangers into brothers and sisters. And there was more. Ten dollars here, thirty dollars there. Some names I recognize. Others I don’t.

And I never expected to feel this much joy only days before the anniversary of my son’s death.

$3,920 was donated in the month of November, bringing our total to $38,284.41. I still can’t quite believe it. We only have $1,715.59 to go and there is a very real possibility we could have this finished up before the end of the year. Exactly two years after my son died, the funds may be secured to build a children’s home in his memory. Tiggy’s House.

And so we’re asking if you can help raise this last little bit so that Tiggy’s House can be be built. It doesn’t have to be much. Most of the money raised has been $10 at a time. Whatever you feel led to give will join the gifts of others and multiply in the lives of these children half a world away who have been discarded by society and often by their own families.

Simply go to the Tiny Hands International website, click “Choose a charity” and select Tiggy’s House from the drop down menu, and donate whatever you feel led to give this holiday season.

And share this post with friends and family. And thank you so much for all of your support over the last two years.

And now I’d just like to share some thoughts from my husband he wrote yesterday:

Earlier today we posted an update for Tiggy’s House on Facebook. One of the comments we received came from Hill Harbor,

Tiggy has such a wonderful legacy.

This got me, John, thinking, “What is Tiggy’s Legacy?” Here are some thoughts:

  • Tiggy evoked complete strangers to show compassion and loving kindness to a family in grief; whom the majority will never meet in person.
  • Tiggy moved parents into action; to consider the safety of their homes and secure around them items that may have become themselves, deadly.
  • Tiggy showed us over and over again what is important in life; relationships, to love one another.
  • Tiggy opened doors for those who have never sufficiently grieved their own loss; to finally express their sorrow after many years and start their own road to healing.
  • Tiggy helped to give hope to poverty stricken boys and girls in Nepal; that they may have a home, a family and a childhood.
  • Tiggy uplifted an organization; that through his story they found inspiration to continue in their own work.
  • Tiggy loved his family; and through that love a family that should have been shattered and torn apart, are in their own imperfect way, closer than ever before.

There are many other blessings that have come from Tiggy’s death that reminds me

, “The shock-waves of Mattias’ death ripped through our family, and often the pain returns but now and again, more often than not, we see some of the ripples coming back to our shore of the good God speaks about when He promises those who love him ‘Beauty for Ashes'”.

December 12, 2012 is the second anniversary of Tiggy’s passing. We are asking if Tiggy’s Legacy has touched your life would you consider supporting Tiny Hands International before then? If so, please mention Tiggy’s House with your kind donation.

From our family, to yours, God bless.

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0 thoughts on “The mark Tiggy left

  1. I sent in a donation in honor of your beautiful Tiggy, Da na. My heart is still with you as you daily walk this road of life and seek to work with God to turn ashes to beauty. (())

  2. beautiful, sharing and reposting. John, so wonderful to hear your faith through your words.

    Praying for your peace and comfort!

  3. Just left a donation for Tiggy’s House. Bless your family. Sweet Tiggy’s death prompted me to re-think things in our house. I’m grateful for the awareness. Praying for you from Tennessee.

  4. I am so touched by Tiggy’s life…and by his parents…God shines through the broken places of life so very brightly

  5. Legacy. The words you penned have beauty, yet there is so much more that we do not know or see.

    God is so good to give us hope in loss, joy in the midst of suffering, and helping us to continue running this race in the hardest of times. Keep pressing on, Dana. You and your family have encouraged me much these past two years, even though I cry for y’all.

    Much love and prayers for y’all!

    Love in Christ,

    To God be the glory!

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