Free Poetry Unit for Elementary Students

Blow bubbles, eat gummy bears and write poetry. What better way to introduce young children to this often underappreciated art form?

free homeschool poetry


I have been teaching my own children about poetry with these lessons for several years and have even taught it at our homeschool co-op. I enjoy it because the lessons are engaging and active and only require students to sit still in short bursts. It introduces poetry from several well-known authors like Emily Dickenson, Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Frost. Children go outside, blow bubbles and imagine themselves as a stegosaurus. In other words, they simply play with a litte bit of purpose. Then they come back to share their discoveries while you write down their ideas, help them organize it and add a line yourself to help tie their masterpiece together.

And what poetry unit is complete without a poetry journal? I make these beautiful journals with scraps of scrapbooking paper for all of my poetry students, whether or not they are related to me. In class, I print off the definitions and previous week’s poem for them to glue in while they provide illustrations. For my own children, I just take the dictation directly into their journal unless they are old enough to copy it themselves (or write their own poetry while the younger ones work with me!) The book drill she is using is tres cool (Grace is the reason I bought one myself and love it) but you can also use a simple hole punch and a wider yarn or ribbon.

You can see most of a sample lesson I shared earlier this year in my post, Bringing Beauty Into Your Home Through Poetry. And if you would like all twelve lessons, simply join our mailing list!

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6 thoughts on “Free Poetry Unit for Elementary Students

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  2. I came here for the potatoes and appreciate your plausible answer to why plant them on Good Friday.
    Your poetry unit sounds engaging & fun, but the website gives me a 404 page-missing msg instead of a downloaded pdf.

    1. Well, that’s always a pleasure. It’s fixed now and I emailed you the corrected link. Thank you so much for letting me know!

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