And the captive shall be set free. Meena’s escape from the sex trade.

If you have followed this blog for long, you know that Tiny Hands International has a special place in our hearts. After our son died, members of this community around the nation and around the world helped us raise funds to build a children’s home in Nepal to help fight sex trafficking across Nepal’s borders where it is easier to get a young girl across the border than a stereo. Because of their education and border monitoring efforts along with the work of countless other organizations, rescue ministries working near Indian brothels have noted a marked decline in the number of Nepalese girls being trafficked.¬†But today, I want to share Meena’s. Meena’s story is different from most of those Tiny Hands¬†helps, but it is a story of incredible bravery, determination and love. And how a broken young woman found Christ.

How is her story different? Tiny Hands’ mission is to intercept children before they are trafficked. They have children’s homes for children at high risk of being trafficked. They have border monitoring stations where they look for suspicious activity and get the young people away from their captors in order to get a more complete picture of what is going on. They help gather information and through their efforts, more traffickers are being imprisoned than ever before, and more young men and women like Meena who thought they were crossing the border to jobs and a better life are rescued before the real nightmare starts. Most are able to return to their villages and their families, a little wiser than they were before. Some find homes at Tiny Hands’ children homes. All of them get a second chance.

Meena’s story is exceptional because of her strength and her courage and her will to survive. She made it home when so many do not.

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