Homeschooling When Your Heart Isn’t In It

Let’s face it. Homeschooling isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s our attitude. Sometimes it’s the kids’. Sometimes life just gets in the way. How do you homeschool when your heart just isn’t in it?

homeschooling when it is hard

Many of you know our family’s story. You prayed with us, sent us notes of encouragement and joined us on the crazy misadventures of raising money for a children’s home in Nepal in our son’s memory. And as grief proved it goes by its own schedule, our homeschooling suffered. For years, I struggled just to hold on and keep pace. The vision I had of homeschooling when we started had dimmed and mostly, I just wanted to get through each day.

Now, seven years later, I am in a far better place and ready to help share what we learned with others who find their homeschool reality falling short of their homeschool dreams. So I created a facebook group: Homeschooling When Your Heart Isn’t In It. It will share practical tips for getting through the hard days and making the most of the good ones. I will offer encouragement and share what helped get me through.

Upcoming discussion topics:

  • Creating space in your schedule
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Back up plans for when your day is falling apart
  • Whatever you ask!

Please drop in, introduce yourself and share your experience. If you know anyone you think could benefit from this homeschool support group, please feel free to share!

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