Why I homeschool

I have been spending some time rethinking our homeschooling, what I want to change and how I want our days to look. It really all comes down to one question: Why do I homeschool?

Why I homeschool

It seems like this should be easier. I even have a philosophy of education written up. I don’t disagree with anything I wrote back then. But I also know how much stricter I was then, with my daughter’s neatly divided binder, the copy work and the emphasis on diligence. We still did school, or played at it, between certain hours and I craved the school bell to regulate the passing of the day.

I said we “educated for liberty,” but there wasn’t nearly as much liberty in our home to follow interests that led away from my plans. I was still very much a school teacher in my classroom of one. But I have always been a reflective one and as I pondered what I believed education was and what it should look like, I struck on a number of ideas that would shape our homeschool over the years. Perhaps that is why even today, I do not object to anything I wrote. I just know the outworkings of those ideas look very different today than they did then.

Because instead of just “educating for liberty,” I’ve learned to embrace the liberty that homeschooling provides.

We homeschool to put Christ first in our homes.

We homeschool so that our children can follow their passions.

We homeschool so our children have time to do nothing at all.

We homeschool so we can go hiking on a Tuesday afternoon and just wonder at what the whole world must have looked like when Lewis and Clark came through.

We homeschool so that when we get bored of the history book I chose, we can set it aside and read books from the Dear America series, instead.

Basically, we homeschool so we can have time: time for God, time to explore, time to wonder and time for each other. What greater gift can we give to our children than time?

virtual homeschool fair

This post is part of the Virtual Homeschool Fair, an opportunity for homeschool blogggers to come together and share about how and why they homeschool. Check out the other participants and recapture some of your own vision for homeschooling!

Note: all posts will be live after 8 am EST.

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I like your reasons, they made me grin


I love your reasons! I also love have time to do the things most important to our family.

Ali Workentin

I did not homeschool our boys, I didn’t think I needed to or would even be able to do. But I love reading your blog and all the things you share about homeschooling. I did work for PPP program for six years and learned so much from the families I worked with. I see our son’s and their wives utilizing a lot of homeschooling ideas in how they are raising their children. Thank you for sharing your experiences ~ each time I feel I get to know you and your family a bit more. One more comment ~ I love… Read more »


Homeschooling for liberty!! I love that and I am also trying to get back to a mindset of freedom in our schooling.

Joelle Umandap

I like your fresh and liberated look!

Michele P
Michele P

This is great! Like you, so many of us begin one way and eventually find our groove. Glad you are enjoying each moment!


I really like that you have declared you homeschool for time. What a wonderful statement!