Like Arrows

Parenting is not easy. You are responsible for these tiny humans who depend on you for everything. You want nothing less than the best for them.  And they know all your buttons. Every. Single. One. And they push them all the time.

Like Arrows

You have this sense that it is the most important and significant thing you will ever do. So why is it that you spend so much time hiding in the bathroom with chocolate while  someone bangs on the door screaming about how their brother won’t stop touching their book? It doesn’t feel important. Or significant. It feels like refereeing  fight night when all you want is ten minutes of quiet.

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.”

~ Franklin P. Adams

And it doesn’t get any easier as they grow. It just gets more pressing.

That’s why Family Life teamed up with the Kendrick Brothers to produce their first feature film, Like Arrows (in theaters May 1 and 3). It is the story of Alice and Charlie over the course of 50 years of parenting. It begins with little Ronnie, an accident who has Alice overwhelmed with the responsibility and Charlie assuring her there isn’t much to it. It isn’t until Ronnie has walked away from them and the Lord and their teenage daughter is shoved out of a car after sneaking out to meet a guy that they realize that making the Lord a part of their lives isn’t enough. He needs to be the center.

They aren’t perfect parents. They don’t have all the answers. But they are humble enough to seek answers, pray for wisdom and pray for their children. The fruits of the journey are seen when their family comes together to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary and Ronnie comes back home for the first time.

The film is intended to focus our parenting and to view our children as arrows being prepared to affect a future we can’t yet see.

Disclosure: I received a link to watch this movie for free in exchange for this review. Opinions are my own.

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