Bringing Spring into your homeschool

Amber Marie over at Forging Foundations has a series about how to bring spring into your homeschool. And I contributed a guest post! I am so not a botanist. If I’m honest, it has to be the most tedious thing for me to teach because I am just not that interested. But you know what? My children love dissecting flowers. Even gently pulling apart dandelions to see how each of those tiny yellow flowers fits together to make one yellow splash of sunshine fascinates them. For my young children, we use spring as our “textbook” and simply go outside and play, using the plants we find for small art projects. We are yet to find a poppy, so have not been able to make these little poppy dolls, but we’ve done similar with irises and it gets even my youngest children focused on the smallest parts of the flowers they are working with.

Throw in some correct terminology and you have a complete lesson in botany without ever opening a book!

bringing spring into your homeschool

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