Free Unit Study: Explore the World Through The Art of Native Peoples

We tend to homeschool year round. For one thing, we are almost never quite finished with math. But really, does the learning ever end? We do, however, change gears a bit. This year, we’re having a sort of informal summer art camp as we explore the art of native peoples from around the world.

art of native peoples

Each week, we’ll learn about a new people group from somewhere in this vast world of ours. We will look at the geography of where they live and how they interacted with that environment. We will look at their art that has survived and how it has changed for a more modern audience. By studying their art, I also hope we will catch just a glimpse of the world through their eyes. And of course, we will finish off with an art project of our own.

Our first stop is Australia with a look at life among the aboriginals. The aboriginals encompass many people across Australia with different languages and traditions. Speaking of “aboriginals” is a bit like speaking of “Native Americans.” This study does not focus on a specific tribe, but does concentrate more on those living in or near the outback. The importance of hunting and tracking is evident in their artwork. Their art is also an expression of their story telling. Imagine sitting out under the stars in the Australian Outback, watching your father draw images in the sand while he told you the stories of your people!

This study includes a brief overview of aboriginal life with links to learn more and to see examples of aboriginal artwork. There are then two different projects to choose from which help your children learn more about the symbols used and the style of art. There are also discussion questions you can use to help your children think more critically about what they have learned.

Best, you can join us on our little world tour!

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free aboriginal art study

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3 thoughts on “Free Unit Study: Explore the World Through The Art of Native Peoples

  1. Referring to indigenous Australians as a single entity is not accurate. There are over 500 tribes of indigenous Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people, some of whom live by the sea or in mountainous areas, not in the desert. They speak different languages as well. While it’s not possible to include all information about every culture in a short study like this one, it would be helpful to use more accurate language so that you are not inadvertently creating misconceptions that have to be unlearned later.

    1. Yes, this is quite true. But this is also not art from a specific tribe. I will update the entry to be more clear. Thank you fo r your feedback!

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