Reflections for a new homeschool year

We’ve been doing a bit of remodeling of late. At the moment, I don’t even have a place to do school. No chairs. No tables. I still haven’t even found all of my materials. So our first day of “real” homeschooling involved us all sitting on my bed and making the best of having no real place.

OK, so “making the best of it” included a fair bit of “Asa, stop wiggling!” and “Micah, get your feet off me!” and “OK, can everyone please just be quiet so we can finish this?”

homeschool reflections

Amidst the chaos, however, I did find a small treasure: my homeschool binder I started when we were first staring out with the Principle Approach.

So much has changed since then. The binder is filled with the passion, vision and naivete of a young mother trying to relearn everything so that she could give her best to her children. There are notes and reflections in each subject area as I sought to prepare myself to become the “textbook” my daughter would learn from. One of the first things I learned was that the analogy was off. I was not a textbook my children would draw from. The knowledge did not come from me. I was more of a translator, interpreting the world around them and helping them discover the vocabulary of each subject as they grew.

I have changed a lot since then. I am more laid back. I have more of a quiet confidence born of experience. I know all the mistakes I made, all the things I did wrong all the lessons that we didn’t finish and all the time wasted trying to recreate school in our home. And I know the wonderful young woman my eldest has turned out to be despite my shortcomings . . . perhaps at times even because of my shortcomings. The Lord’s work is not in vain, even when performed by imperfect vessels in an imperfect world.

We just can’t always see the end in the midst of our most trying hours.

Some things, however, have stayed the same. At the beginning of the binder is a printout of our first day of first grade.

“We started the day talking about foundations and what that meant. We talked about the foundation of a house and the foundation of our lives.”

That first day we read Matthew 7:24-29, emphasized the importance of review for setting foundations and read the Three Little Pigs, comparing it to the parable.

And we are still continuing with that lesson 13 years later. Because from that foundation, everything good springs forth and it is to that foundation we return when the storms roll in.


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