Other Bodies, a futuristic prolife message from Joel Ohman

With late term abortion and euthanasia gaining support in the United States, it is becoming increasingly important — and difficult — to discuss the value of human life and the role Christians should take to alleviate suffering with our children.

Joel Ohman seeks to spark exactly this kind of discussion with teens through his new book, Other Bodies, a futuristic dystopian novel about the choices 16 year old Hattie makes and the regret that drives her to confront the true nature of “choice.”

For a dystopian novel, I thought he could have done a better job creating this world around Hattie. Other than the poor air quality and the high tech medical equipment, I did not get a strong sense of time or place that was really any different from today. I did not feel transported to this alternate universe. There were also some places, particularly at the end, where I felt like the author strayed from his storytelling and drifted toward the more preachy feel many Christian books written for youth take.

Still, the characters were strong, present and believable. Hattie’s depth carried the story through its weaker moments. By the second chapter, I had forgiven its weaknesses and began to immerse myself in the story.

The entertainment we choose influences us. It can deepen our beliefs, give us a broader perspective and even subtly lead us astray. Other Bodies does a nice job of looking deeply at the issue of abortion and its effects on the mother, the child and our communities.

That Tuck, though. Talk to your daughters about boys like that. I don’t care how sympathetic he was in the end, no girl should have to pull out a taser to get a boy to back off. He fits with her character, but I would definitely talk to my daughter about what she thought Hattie saw in him, what draws her to that kind of man and what kind of healing she needs to start looking for a man who will treat her with genuine respect.

Other Bodies can be purchased on Amazon.

Disclosure: I received this book free in exchange for my honest review. The opinions are my own.

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