German Level I, Semester II

This is a continuation of the first semester German course. We will continue working on reading and listening skills and continue increasing vocabulary.

The rest of the modal verbs will be introduced along with the future tense. We will look at more complex sentences, including subordinate clauses. We will practice more with the accusative and dative case and introduce the genitive (possessive) case.

Wildes Deutschland was introduced in the first semester course. The rest of the booklets will be read in the second semester book so if you have not purchased it, yet, please do so! We will also continue to work through Bobo Siebenschläfer. This is a German language book read to native German children and is full of excellent vocabulary and phrases told in a simple story format so that you can learn vocabulary in context.

If you can read Bobo and Wildes Deutschland independently, you will have a pretty solid understanding of first year German and will be ready for level two!

Note: This is a beta course. That just means that I am writing it while you are taking it. Things may change while you are working through it, you may find units with place holder text and you may at times have to wait for me to upload the next module if I get behind. If you are working through the course and suddenly cannot advance, check to see if I added a unit behind you. You will have to go back and complete that unit before the course will let you move forward.

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