German Level 1, Semester 1

German Level 1 Semester 1
Are you trying to teach German to your junior high or high school students? Has it led to a frustration with the low quality of text books and language learning materials available for home study? Have you tried to utilize the amazing amount of free content available on the internet, but became overwhelmed with the choices and sheer volume of information? Those are the exact reasons I started putting this course together for my own children and decided to share it with anyone else who is seeking to teach or learn German at home. (If you have a younger student ready for an introduction to German, check out my free online German course for younger students.) Learn German at Home for free There is a comment section attached to each lesson that allows you to ask questions, interact with each other and upload assignments. I will not grade these or correct them, but will provide feedback and may use the mistakes I see to guide future lessons.

What you will need:

(Note: This course is for one semester, but these materials will get you through the first year. The dictionary listed is good enough for four years of high school German.)
• A good German-English dictionary. I recommend Langenscheidt.
• A binder with five dividers.
Wildes Deutschland, a collection of short texts for the beginning German student, by Dana Hanley. Also available on Currclick.
Bobo Siebenschläfer, von Markus Osterwalder (make sure it is the version linked). I have permission from the author to read the chapters aloud in this course, so it will serve as a nice textbook!
And consider joining the course's facebook page for some extra practice and a chance to ask questions!
Und das wär's! (And that's it!) For less than the cost of a traditional textbook, you should have a pretty good German language curriculum, especially if you can find someone to practice with. I look forward to helping you learn this beautiful language!
Module 1 Before You Begin
This module will help you set up your binder and get the tools ready to begin learning German.
Unit 1 Required Texts
Unit 2 Why German?
Unit 3 How to learn German
Unit 4 Setting up your binder
Unit 5 Download language learning app
Unit 6 And your reward is . . .
Unit 7 A survey to help me get to know you better
Module 2 Introduction to German
Beginning with the basics: the alphabet, counting and what's your name?
Unit 1 Kultur - The first day of school
Unit 2 Introductions
Unit 3 The alphabet
Unit 4 Die Zahlen bis zehn (Numbers to ten)
Unit 5 Eins, zwei, Polizei
Unit 6 Pronunciation: -ch
Unit 7 Formal or informal?
Unit 8 Movie day!
Unit 9 Quiz
Module 3 Colors and basic grammar
Begin learning basic German grammar so we can start building sentences.
Unit 1 Die Farben (colors)
Unit 2 Conjugating regular German verbs
Unit 3 Color word flash cards
Unit 4 Pronunciation: German dipthongs
Unit 5 Word order, or The basic German Sentence
Unit 6 There is no present continuous in German
Unit 7 Grün, grün, grün sind all meine Kleider (Green, green, green are all my clothes)
Unit 8 Der, die or das? Gender in German nouns
Unit 9 TroTros Spielsachen (TroTros toys)
Unit 10 Colors and basic grammar quiz
Module 4 Wie geht's? (How are you?)
Learn German body parts and start working toward a simple dialog.
Unit 1 Get your books ready!
Unit 2 Die Körperteile (body parts)
Unit 3 Definition: What is inflection?
Unit 4 The nominative case
Unit 5 "Sein," the verb "to be"
Unit 6 "Haben," the verb "to have"
Unit 7 Wie geht's? (How are you?)
Unit 8 The accusative case
Unit 9 Practice with the accusative case
Unit 10 Movie Day! Tro Tro wäscht sich
Unit 11 Module 4 Quiz
Module 5 Bei mir zu Hause (At my house)
Vocabulary in and around the house
Unit 1 Das Monster, a review
Unit 2 Bei Bobo zu Haus
Unit 3 Das Haus
Unit 4 German accusative prepositions
Unit 5 Speaking and listening practice
Unit 6 Wohnen vs. Leben
Unit 7 German nouns are capitalized
Unit 8 Mein Zimmer (my room)
Unit 9 Practicing your conversation skills
Unit 10 Movie day! Tro Tro spielt zu Hause
Unit 11 Module 5 Quiz over Das Haus
Module 6 Meine Familie und ich
Learn about the family
Unit 1 Kultur: Oktoberfest
Unit 2 Counting to 100
Unit 3 The family tree
Unit 4 Die Familie
Unit 5 Die Toilette
Unit 6 Asking questions
Unit 7 Simple directions
Unit 8 Listening and speaking
Unit 9 Test your knowledge!
Unit 10 Movie Day! Tro Tro der kleine Papa
Unit 11 Quiz over Die Familie
Module 7 Was isst du gern?
What do you like to eat? All about food, drink and directions.
Unit 1 Asking for directions
Unit 2 Essen und Getränk
Unit 3 The adverb "gern"
Unit 4 Expressing wishes. The modal auxiliary verb "möchten"
Unit 5 Backe, Backe Kuchen
Unit 6 Mahlzeit! (Meal time!)
Unit 7 Practice!
Unit 8 Try a German recipe!
Unit 9 Listening practice: Shopping at the market
Unit 10 Movie Day: Kuchen ala Tro Tro
Unit 11 Quiz over "Was isst du gern?"
Module 8 Wir gehen einkaufen! We are going shopping!
Shopping in Germany. And more Bobo!
Unit 1 Die Wochentage
Unit 2 Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt
Unit 3 Laurentia, liebe Laurentia
Unit 4 German irregular verbs
Unit 5 Die Küche/the Kitchen flash cards
Unit 6 Bobo geht einkaufen
Unit 7 Verbs with separable prefixes
Unit 8 Practice!
Unit 9 Movie Day! Bobo im Fernsehen
Unit 10 Module 8 quiz - Wir gehen einkaufen!
Module 9 Ich ziehe mich an. (I am getting dressed)
Vocabulary related to clothing and temperature.
Unit 1 Bruno der Braunbär
Unit 2 Kleidung (clothing) with pronunciation practice
Unit 3 Verbs related to getting dressed
Unit 4 Forming the plural in German
Unit 5 Der Hampelmann
Unit 6 Kleidung, reading practice
Unit 7 Wie ist das Wetter?
Unit 8 Practice weather related vocabulary
Unit 9 Listening Practice: Das Wetter
Unit 10 TOM und das Erdbeermarmeladenbrot mit Honig
Unit 11 Movie Day! TroTro zieht sich an.
Unit 12 Quiz over die Kleidung
Module 10 Wann hast du Geburtstag?
Birthdays and months in German
Unit 1 Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! (Happy Birthday!)
Unit 2 German money
Unit 3 Monate und Jahreszeiten
Unit 4 The seasons and their colors
Unit 5 Es regnet, Gott segnet
Unit 6 Wie spät ist es? (What time is it?)
Unit 7 Ordinal numbers
Unit 8 Writing the date in German
Unit 9 Invitations
Unit 10 Movie Day: Tro Tro kauft ein
Unit 11 Quiz over Module 9
Module 11 Haustiere
Learn about common house pets
Unit 1 Numbers 1 - 1,000
Unit 2 Common housepets
Unit 3 Comparatives and superlatives
Unit 4 Comparative and superlative forms of gern
Unit 5 Rosa der Elefant
Unit 6 German punctuation, Using Quotes
Unit 7 Forming independent clauses
Unit 8 Practice with coordinating conjunctions
Unit 9 Reading comprehension
Unit 10 Movie Day: Tro Tro und der Goldfisch
Unit 11 Quiz over Haustiere
Module 12 Wir gehen zur Schule?
The German school system
Unit 1 The German school system
Unit 2 The German school day
Unit 3 German use of "man"
Unit 4 The dative case
Unit 5 Forming the dative case
Unit 6 Indefinite articles
Unit 7 Kein, nein, nicht and ohne
Unit 8 Practice: Nein, nicht or kein?
Unit 9 German flavor words
Unit 10 Quiz over Module 12
Unit 11 Final Exam
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