Introduction to German for Younger Children

Intoduction to German for younger students
This course introduces young children to the sounds of the German language through native language songs, stories and videos. Each week's videos are roughly organized around a theme and there are frequently flash card sets available which allow students to practice the vocabulary found in the songs and include vocabulary games to be played online for students old enough to read. German for Younter Children
Module 1 Before you Begin
This module will get you started with everything you need to begin learning German with this course.
Unit 1 Required Texts
Unit 2 Download a language app
Unit 3 The sheep who speaks cow
Module 2 Introduction to German
The alphabet, counting and a short movie to start getting used to German sounds.
Unit 1 Kultur: The first day of school
Unit 2 The alphabet
Unit 3 Eins, Zwei, Polizei (One, two, police)
Unit 4 Movie Day! Tro Tro Das kleine Monster
Module 3 Die Farben (colors)
Learn colors
Unit 1 Die Farben, Introduction
Unit 2 Die Farben - Color flashcards
Unit 3 Die Farben – Grün, Grün, Grün Sind Alle Meine Kleider - Learning Colors
Unit 4 Die Farben - Brauner Bär, Wen siehst denn du?
Unit 5 Die Farben - Movie Day! TroTro's Spielsachen
Module 4 Die Körperteile (body parts)
Learn basic body parts
Unit 1 Körperteile (body parts)
Unit 2 Mr. Potato Head
Unit 3 Der Bauer schickt den Jockel aus (The farmer sends the simple man out)
Unit 4 Friday Movie: Tro Tro wäscht sich
Module 5 Bei Bobo zu Haus
Introducing Bobo Siebenschläfer and vocabulary around and about the house.
Unit 1 Bei Bobo zu Haus – Das Monster, a Review
Unit 2 Bei Bobo zu Haus
Unit 3 Bei Bobo zu Haus – Alle Leut'
Unit 4 Movie Day! Tro Tro spielt im Haus (Tro Tro plays in the house)
Module 6 Die Familie
Learn basic vocabulary related to the family
Unit 1 Die Fingerfamilie
Unit 2 Learn to count to twenty
Unit 3 Simple directions
Unit 4 Movie Day: Tro Tro der kleine Papa
Module 7 Backe, Backe Kuchen
Food and some listening practice with the Gruffelo
Unit 1 Backe, Backe Kuchen
Unit 2 Shopping at the market
Unit 3 Der Grüffelo
Unit 4 Movie Day: Kuchen ala Tro Tro
Module 8 Shopping and the Days of the Week
Learn more vocabulary related to shopping as well as the days of the week
Unit 1 Laurentia, liebe Laurentia
Unit 2 Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)
Unit 3 Story time! Bobo geht einkaufen
Unit 4 Movie day: Bobo geht einkaufen (Bobo goes shopping)
Module 9 Months and Seasons
Learn the months and seasons
Unit 1 Seasons and color review
Unit 2 The months and the weather
Unit 3 Die Monate with pronunciation practice
Unit 4 Movie Day: Tro Tro und der Schneemann
Module 10 Tiere
Learn about animals
Unit 1 Old MacDonald hat 'ne Farm
Unit 2 Rosa the elephant
Unit 3 Pets
Unit 4 A, B, C, die Katze lief im Schnee
Unit 5 Movie Day: Tro Tro und der Goldfisch
Module 11 Wann hast du Geburtstag
Celebrating birthdays in Germany
Unit 1 Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! (Happy Birthday!)
Unit 2 Months of the Year
Unit 3 Peppa Wutz
Module 12 Das Wetter
Learn about the weather in German
Unit 1 Wie ist das Wetter?
Unit 2 Don't click complete!
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