German for younger students


Introduce younger children to German with nursery rhymes, songs, stories and short videos. See below for a more detailed description. Your course will be linked at the bottom of the confirmation page once you complete the checkout process, or you will be able to access it via the courses drop down menu at the top of the page.

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Did you know that research shows that younger children are sponges when it comes to language learning? It starts to get harder to acquire a second language around the age of 12 and that is about the earliest most American students are exposed to a foreign language!

This course is designed to give young children exposure to German through nursery rhymes, songs and short videos. Each module is organized around a theme to promote vocabulary development (this would be greatly helped if someone in the home speaks at least some German, but my young children will watch these videos over and over even without a clear idea of what they are about!)

Required books:

Wildes Deutschland, a collection of short texts for the beginning German student, by Dana Hanley. Also available on Currclick.

Bobo Siebenschläfer, von Markus Osterwalder (make sure it is the version linked). I have permission from the author to read the chapters aloud in this course. Your children will get much more out of it if they are able to see the pictures associated with the text and expecially if there is someone at home that can point to the pictures and say the words.

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