Where Joy and Sorrow Meet

In 2010, we lost our precious 21 month old son, Mattias “Tiggy” Hanley. This blog became my outlet, my therapy, my support. Over the years, I have received many notes from other grieving mothers about how the struggles I have shared helped them through their own grief. As a service to those grieving, those who love someone grieving or anyone who struggles with why God lets bad things happen, we have written a free e-book that explores this topic. My husband took what he thought were my most compelling blog posts, added some of his own experiences and reflections and weaved it together into this exploration of grief: Where Joy and Sorrow Meet. Feel free to download and to share with those who you think might find encouragement for their own journeys.


One reviewer wrote,

Gut-wrenchingly raw & emotional, yet poingnot , and positive . A must read for any grieving parent.

~Luke Van Stryp

And another review,

“This condensed version of a larger work wastes no space and cuts straight to the heart of the matter. It packs a visceral gut punch that brings you into the depths of this families’ emotions as they called on God over the loss of their son… This book created a response in me that the others lacked, and the answers offered are firm and to the point..”

~Matt Nietfeld

So please consider following my blog and connecting with me on facebook as our journey continues. There is more joy every day, but the grief is still there and it colors a lot of my writing even now.

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